Riverbed wanted to run a Distribution campaign with 3 clear objectives: to drive incremental bookings, drive pipeline growth and to drive preference to buy Riverbed over other vendors. They wanted a full strategy, a creative identity and the campaign to run for 6-months.

There were limitations with the communications vehicles that could be used which we had to address whilst also ensuring that we were driving momentum, motivation and owning the sales floors with this incentive with the Riverbed Distributors. With their target audience in mind we created the Race to Abu Dhabi – an innovative campaign, strong creative identity, and a prize that the entire Riverbed Distribution channel can get behind. After only 2 months, participants have already achieved 42% of the total target!

It was important to Riverbed that this campaign had a strong identity that could be used across all assets and would be instantly recognised by the participants when they saw it. Once we had created the identity, we considered how we would communicate to the participants, as this incentive was to a specific group of individuals Riverbed weren’t looking to broadcast their messages but be very targeted. We worked with Riverbed to use a mix of communications vehicles: direct mail, email and, rather than twitter – we created a WhatsApp group – which has delivered significant engagement around the challenges and sparked the competitive spirit in the Distributors.

Riverbed are expecting an ROI of 24:1

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