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Celebrating Easter with the Most Eggscellent Inspiring Campaigns

As it is Easter weekend we thought we would base our inspiration this week on Easter campaigns from the past few years.

Cadbury Eggs Everywhere Campaign

We think Cadbury did a cracking job with this one. These giant versions of their Easter egg were about the size of a double decker bus and were placed in Loch Ness to create the impression of the loch ness monster rising up from the water. They also hid other large Easter Eggs around the country to continue the tradition of the Easter egg hunt along with its partnership with The National Trust.

Wilkinson Sword – Happy Easter Poster

It’s not just chocolate companies who jump on the Easter campaigns. This one really made us laugh, Wilkinson have cleverly managed to celebrate Easter whilst demonstrating their Razor’s capabilities to give a clean shave.

Carlsberg – Pop up chocolate bar

If this doesn’t get you excited for the long Easter weekend then we don’t know what will. Carlsberg have combined two things most associated with a long weekend and created this genius Chocolate pub. Everything from the glasses to the stools to the dart board were edible chocolate.

Hovis – Happy Easter

Simple yet effective campaign launched by Hovis in 2013. This ad hints at the arrival of easter with a pair of bunny ears by using it’s own brand and product.


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