The ‘Inspiration of the Week’ blog is the design seeking work of ‘right on the line’, a Marketing and Graphic Design studio based in Hampshire, UK. From illustration and animation, to typography and design, we curate the most inspirational works we can find and share them with you.

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4A Centre – Murals by A Friend of Mine

‘A Friend of Mine’, were commissioned to design these striking hand-painted murals, for the World Square shopping centre in Sidney. The brief was to combine eastern and western sensibilities, using geometric shapes, strokes and characters from Asian languages.

Steelcase 360 Magazine – Redesign by Hybrid Design

Hybrid Design in collaboration with a team of Designers and Illustrators, worked on creating a cool design overhaul of Steelcase 360 Magazine, for both their physical and digital platforms.

Illustrations by Kim Jung Gin

Kim Jung Gi, is a world-famous artist from South Korea. Kim Jung creates epic illustrations just from his own imagination and memory, without any visual reference. He is listed in the Guinness World Record for the “Longest drawing by an individual.

To fully appreciate his skill, watch him at work.


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