How to start your own company blog?

A lot of people don’t know that having a company blog is one of the most valuable tools that a business can have to engage with current and new customers.

Why you should have a blog?

A blog gives your company a voice, it’s a great place for you to talk about what your thoughts are on current trends, give your customers advice and to showcase some of the work your company have been involved in. Blogs help with your website SEO by giving your website back links. Also, having a blog is free marketing for your company, it doesn’t cost much, just a bit of time!

How to start a blog?

  1. Choose where you want to hold your blog, your domain name and hosting option
  2. Design your blog page, you may need to edit this to make sure it fits the correct style to match your website
  3. Select the best plugins for your blog
  4. Start writing content for your blog which you know is going to attract your customers

How to write a blog?

  1. Find the subject you would like to write about
  2. Make sure you are writing in your own style, try and relate your own experiences if possible
  3. Use links in your blog
  4. If you can, include images
  5. If you get any blog comments, make sure you respond to them – this is a way to communicate with potential clients, someone might have further questions on what you’ve blogged about!
  6. Post your blog to all your social media platforms

Now you know how to start a blog and how to write a blog you are ready to go.

Happy blogging!


How to write a blog

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