Dell EMC required a solution to make organising Partner events easier, on a global scale.  We set up systems and process to manage every aspect of the event organisation. Improvements for DELL EMC included easier registration creation, simple tracking of events and complete attendee lists made readily available.

Our solution consists of an online platform which enabled registration form build, reporting and monitoring of event set in one central place. This resulted in a clear view of every aspect of each event. 

We handle all communications and bookings for up to 60 events a quarter. This provides a smoother management process and quick set up times. Every quarter we provide reports on all of the events that happen, along with the evidence that is required for Dell EMC internal systems.

As part of Dell EMC Heroes, we created the initial branding which is recognised within Dell EMC. We source promotional giveaways, design and source the event stand elements. To ensure Dell EMC Heroes team are able to communicate updates on a regular basis, we also manage their monthly newsletter.

With our support Dell EMC Heroes has become a well established program within the Dell EMC Partner community.

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