A closer look at our rebrand

right on the line was setup over 15 years ago, back when social media platforms were either in their infancy or were still to be dreamed up. Today a brand needs to work across all media and ours just wasn’t doing the job. Our company name derives from the advertising phrases “Above the line” and “Below the line”, used to describe differences between types of media and marketing activities. The line element of our logo had been lost when used as an icon and we were being represented by a very generic orange ball that could have been any ones!

The Challenge
Our goal was to create a more versatile logo that could be used across all digital platforms. At the same time, it had to be recognisable as our unique brand icon while communicating our brand name in a visual way, but without alienating our existing clients by making radical changes. We also needed to inject more colour into our branding to extend the palette as our core colours were too limiting at just black and orange, especially for a creative agency.

Deconstruct to Reconstruct
The existing logo basically consisted of three elements: orange ball, line and text.  This worked well at the time, but we needed to make sure that we were portraying a modern creative style.

The Solution
The orange ball became a simple orange circle and the highlights and shadows were removed. Then we considered how we could combine the line with the circle and introduce a unique identifying element. We looked at a variety of options for this but in the end the simplest was the strongest. So, we introduced the ‘R’. Think ‘G’ for Google ‘f’ for Facebook and you get the idea. The ‘R’ however needed some work as it had to combine the line in some way. It does this in two ways. First, we used a 45º dissecting line to remove the stem of the ‘R’. Secondly, the shape of the ‘R’ itself has been simplified and redrawn so it’s a continuous line dissecting the circle. Then it was simply a case of finding a clean flowing font for our name and Co Headline fitted the bill. We looked at various colours to complement the orange and settled on magenta to use in combination as a gradient within the circle. This combination also helps when the logo is printed in CMYK as the orange on its own just looked muddy and dull.


The Result
We’re really pleased with the new logo and branding, it’s really versatile and is instantly recognizable across all our media platforms. It works well at any size and is great fun to animate.


right on the line rebrand