REDS Group Branding

“When we launched REDS Group, right on the line were instrumental in helping us create and define our brand.  The team really understood who we were and what we were trying to achieve, and to this day continue to provide invaluable design and marketing support.”

Jenny Burnard
Marketing Director
REDS Group

REDS Group branding

Back in 2017, we were given the exciting challenge of creating an easily identifiable brand identity for REDS Group, a brand-new company specialising in emergency spill response, fuel asset decommissioning and environmental services.

First, we focused on the company logo which, in turn, would serve as the basis of the entire brand assets collection. Given the company name, we of course had to feature the colour red somewhere. Additionally, this colour would nicely represent the ‘response’ element of the business, as it creates a sense of urgency. We had to find a colour that would complement this red and we decided on a dark teal colour. This acts as a representation of fuel, as well as the environments aspect of the business.

With the colours decided, our next focus was giving the logo a key element that was recognisable and could be used on its own for any other branded materials. This is the reason for the reversed-out droplet in the D. Again, this symbolises fuel and provided the icon element we required, which is now a great element that can be used on social media.

Logo complete, we proceeded with the rest of the required assets. For the collaterals, such as compliance documents, case studies, business cards and signs, we decided on the font ‘Proxima Nova’, as this is a strong and simple font which gives an industrial and dependable look to the brand. Another thing we recently created is the livery for the company’s fleet of response cars and vans, making sure that our designs were striking and recognisable.

Over these last couple of years, REDS Group has grown at a remarkable rate in all aspects of the company. They have worked on some very exciting and unique projects, including decommissioning two large fuel storage tanks in Newlyn Harbour. They have secured some significant clients across multiple sectors and won some outstanding nationwide tank testing and OFTEC contracts. But it’s not only their client base that has grown; the company has attracted some great talent and some of the most experienced specialists in the country to come and join their team.

It has been a pleasure to have worked with REDS Group to build their brand from the ground up – a challenge that fully encompassed our skills as both a marketing and design agency. All of us at right on the line are so excited to continue working with them into the future as the company grows even more.